Hi, I'm Hunter.

I develop virtual reality experiences.

In One Giant Leap, your VR motion controllers become jetpacks.

I'm inventing new VR locomotions, interactions, and mediums of artistic expression.

I'm also a dreamer and space nerd.

Virtual reality provides a way for us to turn our minds inside out: to let our dreams become reality by condensing imagination into something more tangible and visceral. The same has always been true of dreaming when we sleep. As the act of playing becomes closer to the act of dreaming, these realms converge toward technologically-assisted consciousness. Already, this is true: as you experience more virtual reality, you find your dreams become more vivid and aware. My goal is to open the door to lucid dream experiences through VR mechanics that make the two mutually implicit.

For instance, flying is a classic dream everyone has had. As I develop constantly with my jet locomotion, it has become a core element of my dreams. I'm working to develop more VR experiences that unlock the best graphics card we know: human consciousness.

Join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy...

If you're interested in developing for VR, consider getting started by using my open source Propulsion Locomotion Toolkit for Unity/SteamVR.

If you'd like to work together, contact me at: hunterbobeck@gmail.com

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