Hunter Bobeck


My name is Hunter Bobeck.

In virtual reality, I go by FΞLΞWIN.

I'm a VR developer.


 My Projects

I entertain multiple VR projects, as well as other games and programming projects, and more!

One Giant Leap

Check out my virtual reality game One Giant Leap on Steam!
Experience the thrill of flying on the moon with rocket jets in your hands:


I'm working on Imaginarium with Shadow Shrimp Studios! Check out our blog for updates.
Imaginarium is a VR Action-RTS that takes place in a virtual playroom where your toys have come to life. Engage in toy sized battles by using the power of your imagination to fight alongside your toys, command the battle from above, and rebuild your toy collection.


 My Interests

  • Game Design + Development
  • Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality + Immersion
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Philosophy
  • Art Compositions + Conceptions
  • Procedural Generation + Fractals + Generative Art
  • Map Design
  • Interface Design
  • Web Design + Development
  • Creative Writing
  • Futurology
  • Earth + Space Science
  • Application Programming + Software Development
  • Computer Science
  • Photography
  • Special Effects Design
  • Animation + Cinematography
  • Model Design
  • Neurology
  • Classical Physics + Relativity
  • Innovation + Entrepreneurship
  • Journalism
  • Audio Design
  • Quantum Physics
  • Peripherals Design
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics


 My Skills

Computer Science

I've compiled programs demonstrating fundamental programming aspects from manipulation of arrays to evolutionary artificial intelligence throughout courses on C and Java.

Website Design

In making personal, client, and presentation websites, I have acquired the skill to design and publish content on the web and make it responsive.

Digital Art

I excel at editing in Adobe Photoshop, which gives me the ability to compose my imagination and portray images however I intend.

Game Development

Playing games has granted me years of experience mastering fun gameplay mechanics. Through passionate creativity, I am developing a multitude of game projects in various genres.

Work inquiries?

 Feel free to contact me.