What careers are grounded in the future?
What will you do with more time?

In the Second Machine Age, we will employ our machines instead of our selves. Since automata demand nothing in return for their services, we can universally redistribute the money the machines earn as basic income. This automated income synergy holds strong social implications. The futurology blog Thought Infection wrote:

Freedom in the 21st century should mean freedom from having to engage in productive work simply to meet your basic needs for comfort and dignity.

In securing income, we secure fundamental human rights! Some may think this a bold move, breaking away from the successes of pure capitalism. But as Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it, “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.”

  Make Friends with Automation: Consider a Stable Career  

Keep track of the impact of automation upon the economy... consider working in a field that will benefit from automation rather than be overrun by it. The more future-oriented your career, the easier the transition toward a fully automated economy will be for you. For example, I'm pursuing a programming career, which not only coexists well with automated procedures, but actually architects automation! Careers on the front end of technology would generally be the most stable. Occupations relying on human interaction such as sports, comedy, or acting would likely be safe from robotic replacement for a long time. Creative work will always have the possibility to involve human input as well. Regardless, however, it is of course most important to follow your passions, even if those practices might become computerized easily!

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Personal Pursuits  

Requiring people to live so much of their life working simply to earn a basic income is a waste of human potential and bad for progress. By eliminating the obligation to work just for simple survival, basic income would allow a new dynamic expansion of human freedom and human potential. Even in the distant future where jobs no longer exist, we can still find things to do with our time. Personal hobbies always feel more meaningful, because they are not chores required of or assigned to us. Here's some food for thought... what kinds of activities would you pursue with more free time? These are just a few of the things I would spend more time doing: