The Automated Income Synergy

      True wealth must be understood as the security of each individual, not a measurement of their suffering. This recognition might be met with guaranteed basic income, also known as guaranteed minimum net income or universal basic income. A basic income, as the Basic Income Earth Network describes it, is “an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means, test, or work requirement”.

      Once we are out of utilitarian work, and thus out of traditional income, the question then is, ‘Who is paying for our goods?’ The answer is that the machines are!  In creating product, the robots create profit. Furthermore, automata do not demand compensation, so any money the artificial workers would normally be attributed as wage can be rerouted into a pot owned by the government, to be distributed unconditionally and equally to each citizen. This is the essence of the basic income solution, which would ease the integration of automation into the economy by guaranteeing a minimum income for each citizen.

When society recognizes the inherent worth of each individual, their dignity is returned to them. In a basic income pilot study in Namibia, a researcher noted,

Since there was now a basic income in every household people started to visit each other again. At the first payout a man came literally dancing to us and asked whether or not we could see the difference. We at first did not realize what he meant and he explained that he bought a new shirt and a hat and he said "now I can be amongst people again!"

» Just yesterday [3-24-2015], Namibia made some more progress!

Additionally, displaced workers avoid the poverty trap and will still pay for the goods and services they acquire with their basic income, thus meeting the cost of the machinery.

In Switzerland, the Swiss people have already pushed for a universal basic income strongly enough to trigger a referendum!

While a basic income may sound radically "left-wing" to some, there is a conservative case as well. Know that the institution has been championed by leaders on all ends of the political spectrum: Milton Friedman, Friederich Hayek, Martin Luther King, Jr., Richard Nixon, and others.

As the British thinker Russell argues in his essay In Praise of Idleness, “The idea that the poor should have leisure has always been shocking to the rich, and . . . immense harm is caused by the belief that work is virtuous.” In fact, it is storied in the bible that “Job was a righteous man who endured much suffering”. Today, many jobs are being found to be pointless wastes of time, and people are protesting; Professor David Graeber explains this phenomenon of ‘BS jobs’ that seem to have been created just for the sake of “keeping us all working." Automation alleviates that pressure and allows a refocus upon the more interesting endeavours.