Alan Watts

“You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.”  ~ Alan Watts

Alan Watts

On Youtube one day, I discovered the remarkable philosophy of Alan Watts. I'll let him speak for himself! The video that caught my attention is The Real You..

After that awe-inspiring video, this is perhaps the best introduction video to Alan Watts..

From there, the Alan Watts' Lectures channel is the most comprehensive ordering of recordings I've found. There are plenty more of his lectures across the web too, although I haven't checked all of them out.

When I listened to the philosophy of Alan Watts, I realized I am equivalent to the universe. Not in the sense that my person is a god, but in the sense that my senses are a lens of the whole shebang. I explored eastern wisdoms such as symptomatic existence, reincarnation, and samadhi, and contrasted them with western myths – creationism, laws, individuality, the conquest of nature, and death..

I also reaffirmed my theoretical understanding of the fractal nature of reality – it has no lowest level of composition, for it is just an infinite scale of wiggly waves. I realized that our minds think in a single continuous stream of thoughts; no matter how meta any thought might feel, the watcher that watches the watcher is themself. I understood how we recognize foregrounds, music, motion, and the like more than we do backgrounds, static, stillness, and other apparent constants. I saw how language contrives our understanding of reality, with verbs, possession, and selection. I observed how we confuse labels with reality. I became more conscious of the way in which our minds attribute all meaning, and with this freeing understanding I further developed the meaning of my life, by my own accord. I reaffirmed that I should follow my passions.

Whenever my birthday comes around, I share it with Alan Watts ツ