β€œTo develop a complete mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses – especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”  
~ Leonardo Da Vinci

I'm always thinking about the universe. As someone who especially enjoys games, I like to know more about my world, how its elements interact, who I am, and how my experience is going to change; why do we play the game of life? The Equivalencies is my philosophy, and I'm always writing more, hypothesizing about the nature of reality as best as I can figure. Sometimes I have extensive swiping sessions on my phone, where I furiously get all of my thoughts down in text form before I lose them... because oftentimes thinking one thought leads to thinking many others, mostly more questions. It's all very fun. It's essentially about finding patterns in the consciousness, physics, forms, and other manifestations of the universe. It's also about unlearning contradictory assumptions society as a whole has made about existence, such as discretion. Most importantly, it's about reaching further understanding of one's situation, and determining meaning for oneself.

Among the pages of The Equivalencies, I primarily discuss how so many things are equivalent, and the insights that come from evaluating related perspectives. You will find links everywhere. I do a lot of connection and a lot of sharing. It wouldn't have worked out well if I had just left each page individual, or else I would be reexplaining myself all too frequently. Each of these topics is connected; ofcourse, continuity between discrete ideas is a common theme of my philosophy. Plus, I hope you will find a lot of the references and works of others I share to be as insightful as I have.


Broad Topics

Unreasoning the Existence and Creation of the Universe
Reasoning at the Extremes
The Indiscrete Numbers, the Fundamental Equivalencies
Bouncing when Rolling
Unlearning Contrives
The Universe is Indiscrete
Knowledge versus Existence
Equivalency Holes in Mathematics
Alan Watts
Awareness from Your Senses
The Fractal Wave Universe
Change is Constant Motion
Zero Equals Infinitesimality
Difference of Nothing is Equality
Numbers of Ways

[other topics are still being formatted]

Confused by my unconventional language usage? I'm using a simplified version of English.